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Web Designing in Delhi

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Web Designing Delhi

Web Designing Delhi is very important part for a website. Without attractive design visitor will not like or visit your website. If the Design is looking good then people visit your website regularly. Designing is very creative work if your creativity is good than your design is very good.Oms Infotech Provide best theoretical or practical based training in delhi its help to enhance your skills or creativity. We teach web design very deeply with experienced trainer.

Including Responsive Web Design

Ethan Marcotte introduced the concept of responsive web design in his article
Responsive Web Design” on A List Apart in 2010
In essence, responsive web sites adapt
the layout of the web page to the viewing parameters of the device. This may sound
confusing unless you have ever tried to view a traditional website on your smartphone
that doesn’t use adaptive or responsive design: the page renders to the screen, and
some pictures may fill the screen while text on the page becomes unreadable without
a magnifying glass. The responsive approach scales the site according to the screen
size, delivering a manageable amount of information to the screen.
Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).

Web Design training in delhi

Web Designing Delhi

Get Website Designing Training in Delhi on live project 45 days classes and live training only at best Web Designing institute Oms Infotech, learn Web Designing with latest and advance technique & tools.

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Course Curriculum

  • Web Design Course Overview

    • Start Web Design Course to Html
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    • CSS – Create Layout or design for a website
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    • Css3 – Use for Animation , Effects
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    • Css3- For Media Query
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    • JavaScript – Create Dynamic Web pages
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    • Javscript Objects
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    • JQuery – Animation, Effects, Plugin, Ajax
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    • JQuery UI – Advance Technology of Jquery
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    • Html 5 – Canvas, SVG, Form 2.0, Geo location, Google Map
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    • Bootstrap – Create Responsive Websites
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    • Photoshop – For Design banner , website layout mailers and more.
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