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Jquery Training – OMS-Infotech

JQuery simplifies building rich HTML document traversing, event handling ,animating, and Ajax for interactive web front ends. Jquery created by John Resig in 2006. Its moto: Write Less , do more. Developers who use Jquery for everything form integrating simple components into websites and application to developing complex, high performance use interfaces. Jquery used for crating cross platform based web application.
OMS-Infotech Provide Best Jquery training in Delhi with Professional trainers.

Jquery Advantages

  • Search Engine Optimized While search engines are getting better at being able to read content within some Flash, everything within jQuery is setup as text. This means it is completely readable to all the search engines, exposing all your keyword rich content.
  • Jquery Save Time –  Six lines of jQuery are equivalent to 30 lines of conventional JavaScript code. This means smaller files and faster loading web pages.
  • Plug-ins – There are an abundance of plug-ins on the web that make creating special effects simple and fast for web developers.
  • Help? – With an abundance of plug-ins comes with an abundance of help. There is a large helpful support community on the web to help you quickly remedy any bug issues.
  • That was easy! – jQuery has easy implementation for web developers in comparison to other applications.
  • Cross Browser Friendly – jQuery is currently the most popular JavaScript library and works in all browsers.
  • Jquery FREE! – free, open source Library.
  • Mobile Devices – jQuery is supported by any mobile device whose web browser supports JavaScript. A lot of mobile devices like i-Pads and i-Phones don’t run Flash at all.
  • Simplifies AJAX –  Jquery also use ajax concept
  • Wow Factor – Web developers use Jquery to make web pages more exciting, interactive, cleaner, and more user friendly. Make your users go WOW!
  • Jquery User Interface
    Jquery UI offers accordions, sliders, dialog boxes, data pickers, and many more features. All f theme are ready to use. The UI controls are configurable and you don’t need to spend any extra time in building these features.

Jquery training in delhi

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